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Our history has had its share of victories, challenges, and painful disappointments; most noteworthy the ideological differences that resulted in an 1889 church split.  Two congregations were formed, Union Baptist Church and Shiloh Baptist Church. While the separation was painful and regrettable, we rejoice in the knowledge that one of our former pastors was instrumental in a ministry of reconciliation between the two congregations.  In time, Union and Shiloh became sister churches; initially, sharing Deacons.  Since then, we have continued to meet for worship and fellowship twice yearly.

The twenty first century brought with it many new and exciting events.  We ordained our first female deacon.  We also enjoy the comfort of an air conditioned sanctuary.  The acquisition of nearby property holds the promise of enlarging our current facilities.  New Hope, the name of our vision, is expected to produce a brand new edifice at the corner of Mahl Avenue and Main Street.

The leaders and members of Union are determined to dedicating ourselves to kingdom building as we upgrade our properties to meet the needs of our congregants, and of the community where we worship and serve.